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Mapleton School Board

October 13, 2011 | 03:09 PM

Top vote-getters for the two open seats will serve a four-year term. Victor Domenico is an incumbent.


1) What personal qualities would you bring to the job?2) What can the school district do to reach out to the increasing Hispanic population?

3) With another round of budget cuts affecting this year's budget process, what would you do to stretch school funding and make it more efficient?

4) What do you think could bring better student achievement results?

Victor A. Domenico


Age: 44

Occupation: Business owner

Address: 7040 Elizabeth St.,

Denver, 80229

Background: I am a lifetime resident of Welby and one of 12 siblings who graduated from Mapleton High School. My wife graduated from Highland High School, and my six children have attended Mapleton School District. Three graduated from Skyview, and the other three attend Academy High School and Valley View.

1) As a father, business owner and community member, I bring multiple perspectives to the role. My six children inform my thinking about what we offer students here in the district. I understand the importance of communicating with businesses in order to build partnerships, and as a longtime member of the community can represent their values.

2) The school district has an obligation to reach out to all stakeholders in our community. Our parents know what they want for their children. We have listened and helped align hopes and dreams with the opportunities we make available. Getting to know all of our families by welcoming their participation in our schools is critical. We must ensure school environments are inclusive, open and honest.

3) My business perspective has already helped Mapleton become a more efficient system. Teachers do more with less every day. As a board member, I would continue to hold the district accountable for tight budgets in order to eliminate redundancies and expect District leaders to seek external support and partnerships in order to meet the needs of our students. I support pursuing alternative funding sources such as local, state and federal grants.

4) A combination of parent involvement, business support, student engagement, teacher development, and a solid curriculum leads to improved results. We must create access to quality pre-school programs; allow students the time they need to develop skills in kindergarten, first , and second grades before entering third grade; continue our focus on a consistent curriculum.

Karen Hoopes

Age: 54

Occupation: Statewide Coordinator of Vocational Training and Employment Programs for Marginalized & Offender Populations, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment

Address: 8199 Welby Road 1703 Thornton, CO 80229

Contact: Ph: 303-808-9748



Background: I have worked as an executive introducing new technologies and leading organizations. I founded a successful technology consulting business. I have 20 years of experience helping at-risk kids thrive academically. I manage statewide vocational-employment programs. I have a M.S degree in Business Management and certifications in Addictions Counseling and Career Development Facilitation.

1) Focused – I focus on academic achievement and what is best for all students. Team Player – I demonstrate teamwork in establishing policies and making decisions. Innovative – I bring new and creative solutions to problems. Professionalism and Integrity – I respect differing viewpoints while expressing my own. Honest and Consistent – I act with fairness and consistency. Committed – I spend the time and energy required to be effective.

2) I would support offering ESL classes that run concurrently with student activities to alleviate babysitting issues and increase parent participation. Meetings and events should be scheduled at times convenient for working parents.

3) I support both cost cutting and revenue generating approaches. The district has analyzed all aspects of its operations identifying several areas to reduce costs. On the revenue side of the equation, I support the continued development of private/public partnerships and grant seeking to generate additional revenues.

4) I support early detection strategies and interventions for students that are experiencing academic difficulties by providing tutoring, mentoring and other services that may be needed. Blended classroom/online learning approaches could be considered to allow students to move at their own pace and achieve their potential. I support parental involvement strategies.

Kenneth Winslow

Age: 33

Occupation: Architectural Metal Fabricator

Address: 9386 Jackson St.

Thornton, 80229

Contact: 303-457-2539

Background: Honest, hard working and loyal family man. I grew up in the metro Denver area and have lived in Thornton for 10 years. I currently serve on the District Advisory and Accountability Committee and am also involved with Mapleton Citizen's Construction Advisory Committee. I also serve with Achieve Academy on the School Advisory and Accountability Committee. I love the community in which we live and want to make it even better for all of our children.

1) I am an open minded person who enjoys helping people look at things in a new way. I believe in hard work and honesty. I expect the same from those that I work with. I am willing to admit that I don't know everything, but with enough determination and support I can do anything.

2) I think we should try to build bridges to cover the gaps in communications in the school community. Try to make everyone feel welcomed and informed in the education process.

3) It's hard to cut more than already has been cut from the budget. I think we could look district wide to see how to stream line any process or department. Try to invest in areas where small changes save lots of money. With all the green technologies a small investment might save huge dollars on a district scale.

4) I feel more parent involvement is the biggest help. Inform parents that our children's education isn't just the schools job; it's our job as parents to educate our children. Another area should be leadership and direction for our teachers and staff. Give them the tools and assets to assist them in reaching their goals. And finally, I feel that students need to spend more time in a classroom setting.

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