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Thank you, Golden!

The Golden Visitors Center reached its 2011 fundraising goal, thanks to the enormous generosity of Golden's citizens and the assistance of a matching grant from MillerCoors.

We want to thank our community and the many volunteers and supporters of the center who participate in keeping the building at 1010 Washington Ave. running strong year after year.

We saw a nearly 20 percent increase in visitors this year, reaching 50,000 in 2011.

A review of our guest book over just the past nine months shows that we were a starting point for Golden visitors from all 50 states and nearly 50 foreign countries, including such varied locations as The Netherlands, Tahiti, Kosovo, India and South Korea.

Comments range from compliments about our "amazing and beautiful city" and its "charming and picturesque" setting, to observations about our lovely creek, artwork and "friendly, welcoming folks."

The Visitor's Center itself was noted for its "superb help," "great volunteers" and even for its "clean restrooms."

As we forge ahead in 2012, we look forward to further updates and environmentally friendly improvements to our lovely building in downtown Golden, and to the continued encouragement and largess of our friends.

Most of all, we wish to thank our great community for its excellent support and participation in meeting our recent goal.

Golden Visitors Center

Board of Trustees chair

Ken Kranz
February 29, 2012

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