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Too much ‘dumbing down’

In the weekly poll of Feb. 23,, I believe that the way the question was posed skewed the results. I do not believe that yet another bill needs to be passed for non-enforcement, but I do believe that there is a better question to ask.

That is: Should teachers hold back third-grade students who do not meet reading standards? Or better yet, should teachers hold back any student at any grade who does not meet reading, math, or other required courses standards?

This would then demonstrate whether parents take responsibility of their children's education and not all of the responsibility of the school or the school district.

As an adjunct professor at Metro State and Regis, I've encountered students who cannot read well enough to comprehend simple questions and cannot solve for one unknown in a simple arithmetic problem.

We seem to be continually "dumbing down" our kids' education.

Diann Sandy
February 29, 2012

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