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Dim the LED signage

I love Bandimere Speedway — but its sign by C-470 is way too bright. Their sign was the first.

Now, along I-70 between Kipling and Colfax, there are about eight of these intensely bright signs, including Camping World, MedVed car dealership, Good Times and others.

These signs are infiltrating Union and Colfax business corners.

While the signs draw attention to the businesses, they also distract drivers, create excessive light pollution, and diminish our landscape's natural beauty.

Freedom of speech protects the content of the signs, yet citizens should express outrage at the loss of control over our visual environment.

Lakewood and the western metropolitan region are blessed with precious views of foothills, mesas, and geographically interesting features. Our night skies still boast stars. These will soon be obscured by advertisements.

I urge Sentinel readers to contact city and Department of Transportation officials and ask that the density, brightness, size and placement of these new super-bright signs be limited by reasonable code restrictions.

I value my property values and visual comfort.

Janet Draper
March 21, 2012

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