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Time for policy change

The killing of 16 civilians in Afghanistan by a U.S. Army sergeant is a tragic event. It is also a predictable result of the failed policy of projecting U.S military power all over the world. This policy has brought us Vietnam, massive military spending, terrorism, multiple wars in the Middle East, assaults on our basic freedoms, torture and drone attacks that kill non-combatants. It has sacrificed our soldiers in wars that never should have been fought. It has left us with a divided country and a bankrupt government that is unable to deal with economic and social problems.

The best way to respond to this and numerous other disturbing events is to end this policy. World War II is over, the Cold War is over. This policy must be ended so we can heal our country and be what we were meant to be, a free, open and democratic society.

Bruce Morrison
April 06, 2012

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